Printable Forms

Acceptable Use PolicyAcceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Computer Action FormComputer Action Form

Computer Action Form

The Computer Action Form is used to add or remove access to various computer resources. This is a printed form that must be approved before being implemented.
Non-NSU Member FormNon-NSU Member Form

Non-NSU Member Form

This form allows sponsors to request the creation of an non-NSU member account. This form also includes an NSU Acceptable Use Policy.
PC Rotation FormPC Rotation Form

PC Rotation Form

The PC Rotation Form is used during campus computer workstation upgrades and rotations. The form must be submitted to Microcomputing Services prior to the workstation rotation.
Software Installation FormSoftware Installation Form

Software Installation Form

Contains the Software Installation Form. This form is used for requesting a specific software to be installed in a lab.
Userid Change FormUserid Change Form

Userid Change Form

This form may be used to request an NSU userid change. Please read the background and instructions for when and how this form may be used.

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