The NSU UserID assigned each full-time NSU employee is much more than just an email address. It is the employee’s identifier across a host of databases used by the University. Most, but not all, of these databases are maintained by Information Technology Services (ITS). The NSU UserID is based on what the employee assured was a legal surname at the time of employment. If an employee was a student prior to becoming an employee, the student NSU UserID might be transferred even though the employee could have a new legal surname. Grading records, personnel data, payroll and a host of other academic and administrative functions are keyed to the NSU UserID.

As the central computing structure at NSU developed over the years, data from different functions was entered into databases that were separate from one another. Thus, a NSU UserID change means an employee’s primary identifier must be changed in many databases or the employee will experience glitches in their day to day work life. Right now, it takes a sum of about two hours of time on the part of a minimum of three upper level ITS staff to make a successful NSU UserID change. Thus, the policy of ITS is to approach NSU UserID changes with caution.

Conditions Necessary for Changing a Full-Time Employee NSU UserID:

1. Before seeking a NSU UserID change, a full-time employee will insure that a new NSU UserID request is validated by the surname shown on their current Social Security Card. This requires the employee to seek official surname change status with the U.S. government.  A copy of your new Social Security Card must be on file with the Office of Human Resources.

2. A request for a new NSU UserID based on a current surname must be made using the form, linked below.

3. An employee can receive a NSU UserID change only once during any contiguous five year period, but may submit a change request at any time.

4. NSU UserID changes take place one time each year during the month of June, as designated by the Director of Computing & Telecommunications. Faculty and staff members may be required to wait several months before an approved change of their NSU UserID takes place.  You will be notified by ITS when your request has been processed.

5. Print and complete the Applicant portion of the Request for Full-Time Employee NSU UserID Change form and deliver to Human Resources.

If you are having problems viewing this document, please use the following link to download the original:  /Portals/0/Forms/fteidrequest.pdf